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About Us


the future of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples

2019 was a pivotal year as the climate change crisis urgency unfolded with the burning fires in the Amazonian rainforest region, and paramount was the urgency to protect the rainforest. We established AMIK in 2019, with the goal to advocate for the Indigenous Peoples’ rights to safeguard not only their livelihood, but also to safeguard their heritage and environmental knowledge. Indigenous knowledge can provide alternative solutions to mitigate the climate change crisis.

AMIK founding team collectively have decades of expertise the result of fieldwork conduct with and by various indigenous peoples in the Amazonian region and the indigenous diaspora communities. We will further our scope of collaboration with the goal to bridge the knowledge gap about indigenous peoples heritage in Europe, North America and South America.    

Our Mission

Our mission is to support and facilitate 
knowledge exchange and knowledge enhancement. Specifically, the material cultural and intangible cultural heritage of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples. Broadly speaking, this is including but not limited to the  relationship between the cultural and natural environment.

Our Vision

Our team envisions a future where the

value of Indigenous Knowledge is:

(1) Widely recognized, specifically in the framework of the dynamic cultural and ecological past of Amazonian Indigenous Peoples; and

(2) Considered essential to policy-making discussions.

By accomplishing the above, Amazonian Indigenous Peoples, in both Amazonia and abroad, will ensure the safeguarding of their cultural heritage, our shared land
and our shared climate

"The world needs to listen to the cry of the earth, which is asking for help."

Indigenous Leader - Davi Kobenawä Yanomamö

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